8 Biggest Mistakes Patients Make and How to Avoid Them

Do you postpone or avoid dental visits because of fear or anxiety? Do you think that dental treatments are too expensive? Many patients are misinformed about dental procedures and end up avoiding important visits out of fear. Avenue Dental Care offers sedation dentistry services for patients who may have anxiety about visiting the dentist, and we want all patients to educate themselves on oral health and the dental treatment process.

Here are eight mistakes many patients make — and how to avoid them:

#1: Not Having a Clear Idea of Oral Treatments Needed

Many patients don’t have an accurate idea of what types of dental treatments they need to restore optimal oral health and functioning. Most don’t know how long their treatment plan will take to complete, and are worried that it will take a long time or that they won’t be able to get the appointments they need because of their busy schedule. Our team will create a flexible and realistic treatment plan with an accurate timeframe so you know exactly what to expect.

#2: Overestimating Time and Costs of Maintenance Treatments

You may think that maintaining results of your procedures will be too expensive or that you won’t have the time to keep up with your maintenance treatments. This is a misconception that can hold you back from achieving and maintaining that beautiful smile! Let us explain the entire procedure process and maintenance treatments you need to ensure optimal results.

#3: Delaying Treatment Because of Cost, Time, or Fear

Many patients delay a dental visit because they think they can’t afford treatment, don’t have enough time, or are simply fearful about visiting the dentist. Whatever the case may be, delaying treatment can only make existing problems worse and end up costing much more in the long-run. Don’t wait until you have a toothache or are experiencing oral health problems to visit us! Keep up with your dental checkups and make time to get the treatments you need to maintain optimal oral health.

#4: Ignoring the Impact of Aging on Your Oral Health

The effects of aging go beyond just getting fine lines and wrinkles. As we age, we may experience some bone loss which can affect the jaw bone and facial structure. The gum tissue may begin to recede and some people may be at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease. The aging process can have an affect on your oral health and well-being, and you may need restorative treatments and preventive care treatments to maintain that healthy smile for years to come.

#5: Avoiding Dental Visits after a Bad Experience

If you’ve ever had a traumatic experience at a dentist’s office or are anxious about the pain and stress involved with a dental visit, you may avoid the trip to the dentist altogether. Avenue Dental Care understands that some patients are fearful or anxious about going to the dentist after a bad experience. Talk to us about sedation dentistry services that can relieve some of that anxiety and ensure a more comfortable experience in the future.

#6: Improperly Judging the Risk Factors with Oral Health Treatment

While there are some inherent risks associated with certain types of dentistry procedures and surgeries, many people improperly judge the risk factors involved and will avoid treatment altogether. We can discuss risks and benefits of your recommended oral health treatments during your consultation.

#7: Making Oral Health Decisions Based on Widely-Known Information

The Internet can be a valuable resource of information when you want to learn more about different procedures. However, it is also full of a lot of misinformation and can be confusing to a new patient. Avoid making any oral health decisions based on something you might have read online, or something a friend might have told you. Talk to the professionals at Avenue Dental Care for a recommendation and treatment plan that will address your unique needs and situation.

#8: Overlooking the Importance of Oral Health and Your Well-Being

Several studies have shown a link between oral health and overall health. If you neglect your oral health for even a short period of time, you may be at an increased risk of developing periodontal disease which can cause gum recession, bad breath, lost teeth, jaw bone loss, and even internal health problems. Some studies also show an increased risk of developing certain types of cancers and heart-related problems because of untreated gum disease. Don’t overlook the importance of oral health and your overall well-being.