A Patient Eats Again With No-Adhesive Dental Implants

Long-term Patient Smiling & Talking After Dental Implants

“For anyone considering implants, mine were put in a little over a year ago but only on the bottom. It has been wonderful! I don’t need any adhesive at all and I can eat absolutely anything I want! I could never do this prior to the implants. If anyone is on the fence, don’t hesitate to get this done!”

Implant Fits Better

Long-term Patient Smiling & Talking After Dental Implants

“It’s been several years now since I got my dental implant done and it was done further north cause I leave in Darrington. However, I have problems with it and I drove down to Everett to Avenue Dental and I really like the work that they did and my implant fits better and everything is great. I would recommend them.”

Highly recommended

Long-term Patient Smiling & Talking After Dental Implants

“I came here to avenue dental specifically Dr. Sherman because in past I’ve had some very painful and traumatic dental experiences, I have been putting off going to the dentist for too long, But using their sedation program I was able to get the care i needed, it was perfectly comfortable and a great experience all around, I highly recommend Avenue dental care.”

After 10 years, new dentures are possible with IV Sedation

10 Years Later IV Sedation Helped Get New Dentures

“My name is Tracy and I was treated at Avenue Dental. The staff is so warm and friendly and make you feel like family. The first time I came in I hadn’t seen a dentist in more than 10 years. This is because I previously had a bad experience with another dentist but when I came here to get my dentures, everyone was really nice. I chose to have oral sedation and I don’t remember much about the treatment but I am very, very, very, happy!”

Full Dentures For Dennis at Avenue Dental Care

Testimonials - Full Dentures Dennis at Avenue Dental Care

“Hello, my name is Dennis and I have been coming to Avenue Dental for many years. I needed dentures after many different problems with my teeth. I needed to have extractions in order to get dentures and they turned out great! I am so satisfied with my treatment.”

Smiling again after dental implants

Long-term Patient Smiling & Talking After Dental Implants

“Hi I’m Trudy Leaver and I have been a patient of Dr. Sharma for close to 14 years. I had a new tooth placed and I am so very proud of it. However I need to learn how to talk once again because over a year ago I had a root canal and when they were to put the tooth back on, something happened and the procedure required an implant. I went to Dr. Sharma and I love the real tooth I have now. It looks amazing and I can speak again. There is so much love from here and I would recommend this place to anyone. “

IV sedation allows placement of implants with no pain

No-Pain Implants with IV Sedation

“My name is Ian and I have been a patient of Avenue Dental Care for close to 12 years. Dr. Sharma has been my long term dentist and I was worried about dental visits prior to coming here. I needed to have dentures put in so I had IV Sedation and had my teeth removed. This was completely painless throughout the process and I was extremely comfortable. The people of Avenue Dental are loving, tender, and very caring. Everything went very well with no pain and an amazing smile on top of it all.”

Completely satisfied with full denture implants

Extremely Satisfied with Full Denture Implants

“My name is Paul and I have been going to Dr. Sharma for more than a decade. I am more than satisfied with the type of care I have been lucky enough to receive. I have had implants as well as full dentures for about 3 to 4 years. It is very easy to use them and I can eat very well. The whole experience was simply wonderful and I place all of my trust in this dental office.”

Implants and crowns for a very grateful sedation patient

Grateful Sedation Patient Gets Implant & Crowns

“I began getting dental care from Avenue Dental Care in Everett a little over a year ago. At first I was scared out of my mind because I was so traumatized over having a broken jaw. I came to see Dr. Sharma more than a year ago and he talked with me and help me transcend my fear of the dentist. After a year, I am no longer afraid or on medication. Since then I have had two crowns done with only local anesthetic. They take great care of me here and they are all so proud of me because I am like a graduate here from the school of fear to the school of confidence! They take amazing care of your here and I never have to worry about being sedated for 3 days anymore. If you are looking for a high quality dentist that will take care of you and help you through your fears, then they come highly recommended.”

Bev: “Lot Easier to Chew…Really Happy!”

“Hi! My name is Bev and I’m a patient at Avenue Dental and I just wanted to share that when I first came to Avenue Dental I had broken bridges, cracked crowns and a bunch of other needed extensive dental work. Since the consultation at Avenue Dental, I’ve received implants, bridges and crowns to reconstruct my teeth and I have never felt better since I got the work done. As far as all the work that I had done, it’s been strong and no problems or anything and the implants have made it a lot easier for me to chew and stuff like that. So I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m really happy with the service. Thanks!”

Chris Barnett: “Had Implant…Very Satisfied”

“Hi, I’m Chris Barrett and I had an implant done at Avenue Dental. I’m very satisfied with the process. It was somewhat painful, but all things considered, not too bad. I’m happy with the process. Thank you very much!”

Mark Huntsinger: “Pleased and looking forward to other implants”

“Hi, my name is Mark Huntsinger. I’m having a couple of implants put in by Avenue Dental and so far we’ve gotten the extractions out of the way, the bone graft is in, I was sutured. Today they removed the sutures and so far the process has been entirely painless, very easy, no bleeding, very little swelling that went away right away. I’m very pleased and looking forward to having this done as well as the other implants I intend on getting as well. Thanks for listening!”

A Dental Phobic Patient Who Loves His Full Implants With Dentures

A Dental Phobic Patient Who Loves His Full Implants With Dentures

“I have a lifetime phobia of dentists. Here at Avenue Dental I had my upper teeth taken out under sedation and full implants put in with dentures on top and I love it cause I can eat anything I want. This is a great place, you will enjoy it, comfortable, relaxing.”

Fearful patient more relaxed with IV sedation

IV Sedation Relaxed This Fearful Patient

“Hello, my name is Kathy and I just started coming to Advanced Dental Group and I was quite literally the most afraid patient you would ever see. I never wanted to go to a dentist for years but I had to because eating was not enjoyable. When I came here, they put the IV in and I didn’t feel anything at all. It was amazing because since then I never have to take any more pills. Everyone here is caring, loving, and supportive. Come here if you are fearful like I was because they will definitely take great care of you.”

IV sedation and dental surgery are wonderful for Patricia

Wonderful Experience with IV Sedation Dental Surgery

“Hi I’m Patricia and when I first came here to seek dental care, I had a major fear of dentists. I hadn’t been taking great care of my teeth for a while because of this fear. When I finally came here, I did sedation dentistry and it was amazing because I was completely relaxed and didn’t remember a thing. I would suggest Dr. Sharma and staff to absolutely anybody.”

Chewing is possible again thanks to bridges

She's Finally Able to Chew Properly – Thanks to Dental Bridges

“I began coming here to get implants done because I couldn’t chew near to the side of my mouth. I needed to use my front teeth to be able to chew for a very long time and they began to get worn down. Finally, I decided to test out implants since I thought they would be more permanent than dentures. I now have bridges on both sides on top and in the back. Everything feels really good because I am now able to chew easily on both sides. I would recommend this procedure to anyone because now I am able to eat without worrying about the dentures falling out. I am definitely very satisfied with the level and quality of care I received with Avenue Dental Care.”

Sultan: “Crowns look fabulous…beautiful…fell good!”

“This is Sultan. I had three fillings in the top center bite teeth that were horrible, they were old and started to turn brown and I decided to go ahead and have them crowned. They look fabulous! They look beautiful! And they feel good; I just couldn’t be more pleased with the treatment here.”

Michelle: “No more migraines…gum disease…periodontal problems!”

“This is Michelle from Washington and I have been coming to this dental office, Avenue Dental, and I had migraine headaches, I had gum disease, I had chipped teeth, and since I’ve been coming here all my migraines are gone, my gum disease has cleared up, my periodontal problems have stopped and I’m extremely pleased and have opted to go with porcelain veneers. Everything has been done absolutely perfect and custom. The appointments were on time, the people were fantastic, and I don’t have any complaints. If something doesn’t turn out exactly as I want they’re quick to correct it and make sure things turn out the way I want them to. They worked out great pricing with me so I would recommend Avenue Dental to anybody who wants to get rid of pain, get rid of headaches and do cosmetic work!”

Ann Schwartz: “Doctors and nurses are excellent…refer my family and friends”

“Yes, Ann Schwartz. The doctors here, the nurses are excellent; as far as the sedation, I had no problems whatsoever with it. I just want to say thank you and I will be referring my family and my friends, which I have. Thank you!”

Yuri: “I’d recommend to anybody to get their dental work done”

“Hi my name is Yuri; I’m calling for Ave Dental Care. I’ve been going to that place for almost ten years now. Very good place, professional people, good customer service and I remember I had a really difficult case of extraction of my wisdom teeth. It was done greatly and you know I do really enjoy coming over and I would recommend it to anybody to go there and get their dental work done. Thanks!”

Sharon Keefer

“Sharon Keefer and I would recommend this dental clinic very highly. Very nice dentist, painless and it left me happy, the best dentist I’ve ever encountered. So if you’re looking for a good dentist, this is the place to go!”


“Hello, my name is Ruth and my first appointment here at Avenue Dental was really good. I’m completely satisfied with everything, they’re customer service is really good and the doctor is really good also. Everything is fine; I’m glad I could find a clinic that did accept my things and did treated me the way I wanted and without hesitation I would recommend Avenue Dental to anybody to receive good service with good doctors.”


“Hi, this is Maria. Thank you Dr. Sharma for everything! Thank you for my son and my family, I’m happy with everything.”

Brian Thomas

“Hello, my name is Brian Thomas and I came in today with severe pain and as it turned out I needed a root canal and Jamie was the lady I talked to who told me to come in and they would check me real quick. Anyway, Jamie was very helpful again, very professional, and I really appreciate the fact they could get me in on such short notice. Dr. Zeda did the work on my teeth today and was exceptional. She has a very gentle touch and yet she was very professional in the way she went about doing the root canal. Her assistant was Janelle and again she was very professional, very accommodating. The teamwork between herself and Dr. Zeda I thought was exemplary; it was just incredible the way they worked together. It seemed like Janelle kind of anticipated what Dr. Zeda’s needs were and Dr. Zeda didn’t miss a beat. She was spot on so I cannot say how much I appreciated the way they worked together and made my experience, which could have been a very uncomfortable one, turned out to be a very easy experience. I want to compliment everybody involved, it was a very rewarding experience and I want to thank everybody. Thank you again.”


“The Avenue Dental Clinic did a very good job on my root canal, I felt no pain, it was very awesome. Thank you guys!”

Heather Barrick

“My name is Heather Barrick. I had four implants done and I’m basically able to chew better and while it was expensive it was worth doing. I had it done at Avenue Dental Care Facility in Everett and it was wonderful, helpful, great; they’re fantastic!”


“I just got my new retainer and I love it! It looks like they’re my real teeth. I had another retainer that was steel and it poked out and I never wore it but this one looks like real teeth and it’s very comfortable. It looks nice so I recommend it to anyone who needs a partial. Thank you!”


“Hi, my name is Joanne. I have sleep apnea and have tried the C-Pap machine, several different head devices and they have not worked for me. It was very difficult and cumbersome and uncomfortable. My doctor recommended I come and see Dr. Sharma and see about the device you put in your mouth to help with sleep apnea and it was a very simple process, very fast. I used it the first night and there was a huge improvement on my sleep, but I started noticing something else phenomenal. I have shoguns syndrome and it creates a very dry and very sore mouth. I noticed that my mouth was not as dry and the tissue is more comfortable with this device because I’m not breathing so much through my mouth. I’m apparently now breathing through my nose. The device also did something else I wasn’t expecting and that’s preventing teeth grinding. So the device has helped me a lot, it’s improved wonderfully, I will wear it every night, it’s not uncomfortable or cumbersome, is easy to travel with and I’m a real supporter of the device for sleep apnea. So if you’re one that has problems with the C-Pap or headgear and aren’t comfortable with the congestion and lack of mobility, it’s a wonderful way to solve the problem and I’m a proponent of this device. Thank you very much!”

Sherry Zuka

“Hi, this is Sherry Zuka. I went to see Dr. Sharma to see if he could fix my smile that I’ve been so embarrassed of my whole life. I never wanted to smile, I never wanted to laugh; I hated my smile. But after only a couple of visits with Dr. Sharma, I’m able to smile with confidence because Dr. Sharma worked his magic on my teeth. I have never laughed and smiled so much in my whole life and I just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Sharma and his fabulous team of employees. They really changed my life and I’m happy to smile now. Thank you Dr. Sharma!”

Bryan Kane, Tacoma, Washington

“Hey there, my name is Bryan Kane; I’m from Tacoma, Washington. I had my upper front four teeth done at Avenue Dental Care. I was a little nervous at first and once I got them in and done the same day I actually had there was a big difference in my personality and contacted an old high school girl and actually met up with her the same day and hit it off and it’s been amazing. All of my confidence went up; multiple friends within a day to two days noticed how much happier my mood has changed. My roommates hate me because I can’t stop smiling. Pretty much it’s been awesome; I definitely don’t regret any of it!”

Howard G., Grand, Washington

“Hi, my name is Howard G. I live in Grand, Washington. I was really excited and relieved that Dr. Sharma was going to have sedation dentistry. I have severe problems with anxiety, gag reflex and so this gave me the opportunity to get some work done. We did the right side and had quite a bit of work to do; a number of crowns, so they put me under so I didn’t have to experience any of that at all. I was completely out; the only thing that was maybe a hang-up was the sedation when I got it, so I had a little of anxiety waiting for him to get set up. Afterwards it was great; it took me a little bit of time to come out from it, I had a pretty good headache that evening but the next day it dissipated so I’m really glad this is going on because now I can get my dentistry done and I’m looking forward to my next session. I have to say that overall it’s just been a good experience and I really appreciate it. That’s it, thank you!”

Lynna Michelson

“Hi, my name is Lynna Michelson and I found Dr. Sharma on the website where I was searching for a good dentist and it looked like they had a good reputation. So I came here in November or December and I’m really happy with my results. My shape was done so badly before by a doctor in a different country; I had so much problems. I had bleeding gums, starting like gum disease and my teeth were bending or something. So far I’m really satisfied with my results; I can smile and my life seems happier because I can smile more often. I would recommend all my friends who ask me about my teeth, I really like this doctor. By the way, people who are working here are really nice and really kind. Thanks!”

Jennifer Ware, Puyallup, Washington

“Hi, my name is Jennifer Ware and I’m from Puyallup and I’m currently bringing my wife in and she is using Halcion and it is amazing. Her name is Shauna Davis and she hasn’t been to an actual dentist to get a treatment plan in approximately eight years. Halcion makes it so much more comfortable for her, she’s able to take it an hour before treatment, it relaxes her, it makes her feel at ease with the dentist, it’s really been a changing event for us. This is our third dentist appointment with Dr. Sharma and he’s a wonderful dentist; nice clinic. The people that work here are excellent and we have the best treatment plans and we would never have been able to do it without Halcion. My wife gets very anxious and is unable to come to the dentist by herself and this has really changed her outlook on coming to the dentist and we’re really enjoying it. So, definitely something I would recommend is this office and Halcion really helped us; thank you!”

Kate F., Puyallup Washington

“Hello my name is Kate F. and my hometown is Puyallup. I first came to Avenue Dental on a referral by my union. I’ve been here twice now and I have to say that Dr. Khan and his staff have been amazing. This is by far the best dental experience I’ve ever had so I’m pleased to tell you how much I love this dentist because I’ve really had a great experience. Thank you!”

Mike Williams, Everett, Washington

“My name is Mike Williams, I’m from Everett, Washington and our family has attended the Avenue Dental for almost six years. We came from an established practice, we were patients there for 20 some years and because of insurance changes that led us to go elsewhere, we’ve been here six years and always had good service. The people have been always very friendly, the dentist that have done the real procedures as far as crowns or fillings have been very kind and very well and we really haven’t had a negative experience. Sometimes we may have to wait longer than we would expect but that’s just the way things are but we’ve always been treated with kindness so we would definitely recommend the dental treatment we receive there. We notice the difference between the two with the upgrades they seem to have and use the more contemporary methods to clean. They use the machine that sprays water instead of scraping so it’s less painful and so we would highly recommend them.”


“My name is Jenny and I just had an implant. I had a broken tooth and it was extracted and an implant was placed. I was very happy with the service; the doctor was very thorough with the explanations. I was comfortable, there was no pain and I was very pleased with the results. I would be happy to refer them to somebody else with the same type of procedure needing to be done. Thank you very much!”

Bakari, Puyallup, Washington

“My name is Bakari; I work at Good Sam Hospital and live in Puyallup. I would like to say some words about my treatment with Dr. Sharma. I met Dr. Sharma well I’ve been so happy with the way he’s been handling my problems. My teeth were in critical bad shape but in fact he’s done a great job for me and I’m very very happy with what’s going on now. Now the way I look is much better, it’s the best thing I’ve ever had in my life. So Dr. Sharma is a good doctor and I recommend him to anybody. He really takes care of things which are in bad shape. He’s a good doctor with great customer and patient care experience. I’m so happy now I can smile. I’m going to school for the nursing program so with a lot of talking and debating lectures it was hard for me before. I used to have a hard time discussing things with people, but after treatment everything’s improved. I’m able to interact, talk and smile and also I’m now an assistant so when taking care of the patients the first impression is very important.”

Brent, Puyallup, Washington

“Hi my name is Brent. I live in Puyallup and have had some sleep apnea problems; waking up a lot during the night, not getting a lot of sleep. Got on the internet and saw insomnodent and was referred to Dr. Sharma in Puyallup and got fitted with it and its sure amazing. The first night I slept solid, didn’t fall asleep driving to work and it’s been a month now and this thing has just been amazing. I’m just really happy with it – no problems!”

Kim, Puyallup, Washington

“Hi, my name is Kim. I am from Puyallup, Washington and am a new patient and will definitely be coming back. I enjoyed my experience; they are very well educated and took their time on me.”

Pat Schwierz, Washington

“My name is Pat Schwierz and I live in Washington. I’ve had problems with my teeth for years. I had two implants on my bottom gums because my teeth were not good and now I can chew anything I want. I love them; they’re perfect, they’re much better than the plates I was wearing for awhile. I recommend it to anybody. Thank you.”

Michael Guest, Fife, Washington

“My name is Michael Guest, I’m from Fife, Washington, and I came to Avenue Dental Care for a smile makeover. The staff at Avenue Dental Care was professional and answered all the questions I had. I’m in the Army so I get all my dental care done for free but I came here after researching vanity treatments. Dr. Sharma came highly recommended and I was not disappointed.”

Dustin, Everett, Washington

“Hi, my name is Dustin and I’m from Everett, Washington. I was in excruciating pain and I saw on the internet I found Avenue Dental Care and I was able to give them a call and even though no one was there they gave me a call back and I was able to then go in. I had no appointment, they took me in anyway. Anna and Dr. Kim were great! I found out that I needed an emergency root canal and they were able to get financing for that for me and I was able to get the procedure and get myself out of pain. Everyone there was just incredibly helpful and I would recommend it to anyone needing dental care. I will be gladly going back for any of my future dental needs.”

Debbie, Auburn, Washington

“Hi, this is Debbie from Auburn, Washington and I just want to let you know that I had a great experience here. I’ve been here about three years; the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, they know who you are when you walk in the door by sight. The dentists work is awesome. I’ve had several procedures done here; bridges and all kinds of things. They’ve just done a really great job.”

Uta Clemmons, Graham, Washington

“I’m Uta Clemmons, I live in Graham, Washington, and I appreciate all the staff at Avenue Dental. They make my visit very comfortable. I trust all their judgments on my dental care and I really enjoy coming here although nobody really enjoys going to the dentist.”

Kirk, Vashon Island

“Hi, I’m Kirk from Vashon Island. I want to thank Dr. Sharma and his staff for the really good service they’ve given me. I was referred to Dr. Sharma by my sleep specialist doctor for a fitting of a dental device to treat my sleep apnea. Dr. Sharma thoroughly explained the process to me and expertly fitted me and lo and behold, for the first time in 20 years I’m sleeping through the night and waking up rested in the morning. I might add that my sleep doctor originally prescribed C-Pap, which I tried for three horrible months to absolutely no benefit. So for me a dental device is light years better than C-Pap. It’s efficient, effective, far less cumbersome and certainly less expensive. I also want to thank Dr. Sharma’s support staff; they’re very caring, very professional, it’s obviously an efficient and well-run dental office. So I very sincerely recommend anyone to Dr. Sharma who is looking for a dental device to treat sleep apnea.”

Kristin, Tacoma

“Hi my name is Kristin and I’m from Tacoma. My experience here at Avenue Dental Care is fantastic! My first visit was amazing; one of the staff members had me feel totally relaxed and had me laughing the entire time of my visit, which is unusual when I come in to have anything done. My second visit was still fantastic; I felt at ease, comfortable, not afraid to come in, looking forward to many more visits, and to see the results of getting new teeth is great!”

Robert, Covington

“This is Robert and I live in Covington, Washington. I’ve only tried the mouthpiece for about two weeks and I have felt a lot better waking up in the morning. I felt like I was supercharged with plenty of air and energy in the morning where in the past five years using the C-Pap and working with it and the doctor we just couldn’t come up with a positive solution. Now I feel great, a lot better. I still don’t like the device in my mouth top or bottom, but it does work better than what the C-Pap did so I thank you!”

LaPortia Davis

“Hi, my name is LaPortia Davis and I drove from University Place off of Tacoma. I arrived today at Avenue Dental Care for my 11:30 consultation and it was awesome! It was kind of emotional for me in the beginning but they made me feel very comfortable and they were understandable and they explained everything to the “T” about my situation, about the different steps I would have to take to get my problem, or my dental work, done. I appreciate them; you guys are wonderful and I will be seeing you shortly! Thank You!”

Christy, Buckley

“My name is Christy, I’m from Buckley. I’ve been coming to Avenue Dental for a little over three years now and it’s an excellent experience. I came from another dentist in Tacoma where you were shuffled through with no caring at all. This place, they care about each person. My son is not afraid of the dentist anymore; he comes happily. They’re great people and they do great work and I have nothing but absolute great things to say about this place.”

Jamie, Washington

“Hi, my name is Jamie and I’m from Washington and I’m doing a testimonial for Avenue Dental Care with Dr. Varun Sharma. I had eight anterior porcelain veneers done through his lab with LVI in Las Vegas and I thought he did a great job. They’re very professional looking, very high quality. I get many compliments and haven’t had any problems and I’ve been very happy with it. I thought it was well worth the money and the time that I put into it.”