Before and After 2

Replacing missing teeth via individual implants

This patient was missing 2 teeth and had implants done to restore their natural teeth. After implants were placed, patient had two individual implant crowns placed to restore their natural dentition and function of the missing teeth. The implant crowns will be cared for function as normal teeth.

Implant Supported Denture with Reduced Coverage on Roof of Mouth

Implant supported Denture with the palate hollowed out

Implant Supported Bridge

This patient came to us missing three of his front teeth. In order to replace them, two implants were placed. After the healing process was complete, Dr Sharma restored the missing teeth with a three unit, implant supported bridge.

Single Anterior Implant

This patient was missing her front right canine. An implant was placed in the area and, after the healing was complete, a single unit crown was placed to replace the tooth.