Before/After Transformations

Replacing two missing teeth via individual implants

Our patient who actually got injured at work and two front teeth came out. The patient came to Avenue to get them replaced and was very happy with the service. Not only was the patient able to get their teeth replaced but of course feel confident enough to smile again and not feel so effected by the work injury.

Replacing missing teeth via individual implants

The patient pictured in this photo lost 2 of their teeth and needed to have implants placed to restore their smile. Once the implants were installed, the patient had individual implant crowns installed to restore their natural teeth in both appearance and function. The two implant crowns can be cared for as regular teeth would be.

Implant Supported Denture with Reduced Coverage on Roof of Mouth

This patient has received an implant supported denture with hollowed out plates.

Implant Supported Bridge

The patient pictured here lost three front teeth. To replace them, we placed two separate implants and once the gums healed, Dr. Sharma placed an implant supported bridge. This restored the natural dentition and provided a normal appearance and functionality.

Single Anterior Implant

This photo is of a patient who was missing the front canine tooth. Once the implant was installed and the healing completed, a one unit crown was put in so as to replace the missing tooth.

Implant & Porcelain Crown

The patient pictured here arrived after losing one of his front teeth. He had complete orthodontic treatment recently and desired a natural and appealing smile. Dr. Sharma worked to replace the missing tooth by placing a single implant as well as all porcelain crowns to provide the look the patient requested.

Implant Supported Dentures

Due to a poor fitting in the full lower denture that was loose, the patient needed two dental implants placed. In addition, the denture was retrofitted onto the implants so that they are secure. The patient can now eat anything they want.

Porcelain Bridge & Crowns (replaced old bridge)

This patient had an old bridge that had developed decay, causing the gums to receed. She was also unhappy with the overall appearance of her front teeth. Dr Sharma replaced the old work with an all porcelain bridge and restored the remaining front teeth with all porcelain crowns.

Porcelain Bridge & Crowns

The bridge that this patient had already in place was starting to decay which resulted in a receding gum line. She was very dissatisfied with the appearance of her teeth and so Dr. Sharma put a brand new porcelain bridge in place. She then restored the teeth that were in the front with porcelain crowns.

Bridge, Porcelain Crowns & Veneers (replaced old bridge)

The patient pictured here was dissatisfied with the appearance of her bridge and desired a whiter and more aesthetically pleasing smile. Dr. Sharma replaced her existing bridge and put in porcelain crowns and veneers.

Bridges & Crowns (shown temporary restorations on day of treatment)

A lot of restorations were required for this patient. Once the teeth were treated for existing decay, Dr. Sharma prepped them for bridges and crowns. The picture showing the complete work shows temporary restorations. This is one example of an “instant makeover” provided to cosmetic patients on the same day as their treatments.

Porcelain Bridge & Crowns

The patient came in with a missing tooth and dissatisfaction about the appearance of their front teeth. A porcelain bridge and crowns were placed to address his esthetic concerns.

8 Porcelain Crowns (replaced discolored, chipped bonding)

After previous composite bonding, the teeth became discolored and chipped resulting in a displeasing appearance for the patient. Dr. Sharma placed eight porcelain crowns so as to result in stronger dentition and a more pleasing look.

Porcelain Crowns

The patient pictured here needed a complete mouth restoration. Once the decay was addressed, Dr. Sharma put in all porcelain crowns so as to achieve the aesthetically pleasing smile desired by the patient.

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers (replace old bonding)

The patient pictured here was born without her two main adult teeth coming in. The dental work she had previously was a composite bonding used in place of the missing teeth. However over time the restoration began to discolor. Dr. Sharma placed a combination of veneers and crowns to attain the desired result.

Veneers & Porcelain Crowns

After a traumatic bite, there were chipping and fractures on this patient’s teeth. After Orthodontics, a combination of all porcelain crowns and veneers were placed on the patient’s teeth.

8 Veneers

The patient here was dissatisfied with the appearance and staining on his front teeth. To correct this, a total of eight veneers were placed by Dr. Sharma.

2 Implants (placed after orthodontic treatment)

Two implants were placed to correct the loss of the missing adult teeth which the patient was born without.

Crowding and Discoloration

The patient pictured here had discoloration and crowding in her front teeth. She did not want Orthodontic treatment but still desired a straighter and more even smile. Dr. Sharma installed a combination of all porcelain restorations to get the look the patient wanted.

Crowding and Protrusion

The patient pictured here did not feel comfortable with the protrusion of her lower canine tooth but was not interested in Orthodontic treatment. Dr. Sharma corrected the crowding by putting in three all porcelain crowns for a more appealing look.

Porcelain Onlays

We prefer to take a more preventative approach when amalgam fillings are required. The mercury in a silver filling contracts and expands with alterations in the temperature which causes undue strain on the teeth. Once any active decay is removed, we replace silver fillings with newer composite fillings, crowns, or porcelain onlays. This protects the tooth from breaking and provides the patient with a more natural and healthier smile.

Extraction and Implant

Our patient came in for a simple consult and was able to get all of their dental needs taken care of with Dr. Sharma. Not only was the patient able to get an extraction but a implant as well to improve their smile and health.