Dental Implants In Everett Will Bring Your Smile Back

Posted By: Varun Sharma

When an adult loses one or more teeth, they have more to worry about than just how bad their smile looks with the missing teeth. The bone in the area of the missing teeth can start shrinking and that will start to change the way their face looks. Dental Implants in Everett can provide a permanent tooth that will not only look and function like natural teeth but they will keep the bone from shrinking and distorting the face.

Dental Implants at Avenue Dental Care in Everett uses small titanium screws that get put directly into the jawbone where the missing tooth or teeth were. Once these screws are in place they fuse with the bone and make a very stable foundation for an artificial tooth to be put in place. This procedure works for a single tooth or for several teeth, even if the missing teeth are not right next to each other. Another function for implants is to provide an anchor for partial or full dentures. With an anchor of this kind, the dentures won’t wobble when you are eating.

Dental Implants in Everett provide several benefits for the patients that get them. First they reduce and further bone loss and therefor help to maintain the patient’s appearance and the integrity of the face. They look just like natural teeth so once they are in place, no one will ever know that you have any artificial teeth. Losing one or more teeth can affect your speech and implants can bring your word pronunciation back to where it is supposed to be. People that get dentures that don’t fit exactly right can also develop speech problems and implants can fix that problem permanently.

Avenue Dental Care makes use of sedation dentistry so the patient is very comfortable during the entire process. They know that some patients can have difficulties chewing when they get dentures but not with implants so they want to make the process of getting dental implants as easy on the patient as possible. In fact, most patients prefer to be sedated to the point of being unconscious during the procedure so they just drift off to sleep and wake up after the surgery is completed. Knowing this is possible, patients from teens to older adults are more willing to have dental implants put in.