Dentist in Everett: Tips for Caring For Your Teeth

Posted By: Varun Sharma

Many people don’t think about the health of their teeth until they start having problems with them. Taking good care of your teeth, however, can reduce the incidence of periodontal disease and emergency trips to a Dentist in Everett. Here are a few tips for caring for your teeth to ensure you have them for as long as possible.

Practice Smart Brushing

Brushing your teeth twice per day helps get rid of plaque and food particles that can damage teeth. However, brushing at the wrong time could cause even more problems. Acids in foods like oranges soften tooth enamel, which then may be eroded away when you brush your teeth. To prevent this from happening, clean your teeth at least a half hour after eating. Also, it’s best to wait at least 30 minutes after to brushing your teeth to eat or drink anything. This gives the fluoride in the toothpaste a chance to work.


Dentists recommend flossing at least once per day. That’s because plaque and tartar can build up in the spaces between teeth where the bristles of the brush can’t reach. Additionally, flossing helps dislodge food particles that get stuck in those crevices. When flossing, it’s important that the string is in constant contact with the tooth surface to properly scrape away the plaque. If you’re unsure about how to floss, have a Dentist in Everett show you the proper way to do it.

Stop Smoking

There’s no doubt that smoking tobacco products damages your body, and it can do a number on your teeth too. In addition to significantly staining teeth, smoking increases the risk of gum disease and tooth loss. Smoking cessation can be challenging, but there are a variety of tools that can help you quit. Once you do, you can make an appointment with a Dentist at Avenue Dental Care in Everett and have your teeth whitened.
Having your teeth checked by a dentist on a regular basis is also an important part of tooth health. The dentist can diagnose oral problems and get you on the road to improving tooth and gum health. Get started by making an appointment with a dentist at Avenue Dental Care today.