Family Dentistry New Year’s Resolutions For Puyallup Residents

Posted By: Varun Sharma

One of the best ways to stay on top of your New Year’s resolutions is through accountability. And what better way to improve oral health than with a set of family dentistry resolutions that everyone participates in? Gather your Puyallup family members and make a pledge: this will be the year everyone in your family works together to ensure good oral health practices.


Learn Proper Brushing Techniques
We all know to brush our teeth at least twice a day – but for how long? Your Puyallup family dentistry professionals will advise you to brush your teeth for two minutes per session. One way to keep little ones engaged in brushing? Play a favourite song that lasts for around two minutes and ‘party’ your way through brushing. While you’re at it, talk to your Puyallup family dentistry practice about the proper way to hold your brush – at an angle – and the amount of pressure you should be applying – not much. Proper brushing is essential to preventing cavities – at any age. Remember, your children will learn best by watching what you’re doing, so make sure you’re staying on top of all aspects of your oral health.


Floss Every Day
This seemingly simple task can be a challenge for children and adults to incorporate into their daily oral health routines. A good way to understand the importance of flossing is to recognize your teeth essentially have five sides – and two of them can only be cleaned using floss. Like brushing, flossing can help get rid plaque – but only with floss will you able to reach get into the narrow crevices between your teeth and under your gums. By making flossing a regular part of your teeth cleaning practices, you’ll finally be able to answer “Yes!” when your Puyallup family dentistry professionals ask whether you’ve been flossing daily.

Take Children For Regular Checkups
Every family dentistry professional will tell you that good oral health starts at an early age. If you haven’t yet taken your infant, toddler or child to your Puyallup family dentist, let 2015 be the year you do so. If your child is afraid of visiting the dentist, consider setting up a trial visit to your Puyallup family dentistry clinic so your child can meet the friendly staff and feel more relaxed once they start coming for regular treatments. Like adults, children should visit their family dentistry clinic twice per year. During this session, your family dentistry professionals will provide insight on how your child’s teeth are developing, keep an eye out for cavities, and help to reinforce good oral health practices. Your child should also receive a fluoride treatment to help prevent cavities by strengthening your teeth enamel and making them more resistant to acid demineralization attacks.


Think About Long-Term Cosmetic Dentistry Choices
Family dentistry isn’t just about children and good general oral health – it’s about recognizing cosmetic dentistry options that may benefit your entire family’s self-confidence. As your child’s adult teeth come in, speak to your Puyallup family dentistry practice about orthodontic options such as braces, implants, crowns and implants, which make help correct a crooked smile before adulthood. Adult orthodontic options are also available, including Invisalign aligning trays. Other cosmetic enhancements you may want to consider from your family dentistry clinic include teeth whitening and amalgam filling replacements. With a brighter, straighter smile, you’ll be able to carry over that confidence into all areas of your life – from obtaining a new job to socializing with friends and beyond, whatever your additional 2015 New Year’s resolutions may be.