How certain is tooth whitening

Posted By: Varun Sharma

Americans spend around $1,5 billion annually just on nonprescription teeth whitening products. This is to bleach away the effects of coffee, red wine, cigarettes or maybe because of age. Today even certain medication exist and is able to discolor teeth. But is all this worth it?

The government does not regulate the teeth whiteners; that is why may of them do not work. Some of them do work, but if you are not a dentist or specialized in teeth whitening you most likely have no clue which is good and which is not.

The shining of the teeth is something that can be lost

In time and with age teeth get darker. Most people’s teeth will start to turn brownish-yellow and not necessarily from coffee, wine or smoking. Just as our hair turn white, out teeth are becoming yellow. There is no way around it. The colour discoloration can even lead your teeth to have a greyish color.tooth whitening

Fortunately there are two types of discoloration: intrinsic, which is the natural color of the teeth over time, and the extrinsic, which is the color of the teeth resulted from the deposits on the teeth from coffee, smoking, medication and other. In addition, most patients don’t take care of their teeth, and even with bleaching, a major stain deposit resulted from poor oral hygiene may not be removed.

If you don’t take care of your teeth, whitening may not work

In order to have an effective tooth whitening, you need to have an impeccable dental hygiene. The teeth have to be healthy. If you haven’t been to the dentist recently, and you have cavities, and tooth decay is present, the tooth whitening will get within the cavity and can cause unbelievable excruciating pain. You need to have healthy teeth and gums. The best way to know that is to visit a dentist and after he/she said you are good to go, you can do a whitening procedure in the office. It is much safer that way, and you can rest assured that you will encounter no pain.

Better let a professional

With over the counter products and because you’re not under professional motorisation you can do more damage to your teeth than good. Your teeth can become sensible to cold and hot temperature and can even hurt. You can try mouthwash that contains hydrogen peroxide, but depending on the type of discoloration it may not work. You can also attempt to use a light that will flash on your teeth to accelerate the whitening. Dentists also use this method during a teeth whitening procedure.

This procedure can cause some problems. It is quite rare, but in a dentist-monitored condition, teeth whitening can be done effectively.