How to correctly choose the right brush

Posted By: Varun Sharma

If you were wondering how to choose a toothbrush that is good for you and your teeth, you have reached the right place. Perhaps you are usually buying your favorite brand, or waiting for a sale to come, but the truth is that you need to know some things. There are many types of brushes, with different properties. Stop buying a brush according to esthetics or color in favor of other attributes. Here are some tips for choosing the right brush.

The five tips on choosing the right toothbrush

Many dental associations recommend a toothbrush with soft and rounded bristles. Another thing you need to pay a little more attention to is the hardness of the brushing. A survey where more than 700 dentists studied the effects of brushing on the teeth reached the same conclusion: by brushing teeth too hard can lead to a condition called sensitive teeth and gum diseases. If you brush your teeth vigorously try to get rid of this bad habit. Your teeth and gums will thank you.

You need to know that many no-name brands make their toothbrushes without any research involved in it. The shape, size, and placement of bristles are completely random and look good, but they can damage your teeth. No more five brushes in a package even if it’s a bargain. They are not safe and efficient and can even be made from unsafe materials.

The toothbrush with the right shape of the head. Some toothbrushes are better than others in shape and sizes. Make sure the toothbrush’s bristles area able to reach the backmost molars. Try to brush and floss in front of a mirror, so you can be sure you don’t miss any teeth. You can also visually check that your toothbrush can reach every surface. If it’s not capable, change it for one that does.

One of the best things you can do for you and your family is to buy the toothbrush according to the age of the person. For example, babies need a baby toothbrush as their mouths are tiny. This is also recommended for small children. They need brushes with smaller heads than the toothbrushes made for adults. As a piece of advice, in order to get your kids to love brushing their teeth, let them choose their new toothbrush from the kid’s aisle at the drug store. And don’t forget to change the brushes every three months.

You can also try using electric toothbrushes. You might be a traditional toothbrush enthusiast, but if you don’t brush your teeth as thoroughly or as long as you need to, it is better if you resort to an electric brush. The movement of the electric brush simulates the movements of the hand in a correct way. You will not need to worry about the hand movements or the time of the wash if you use the electric brush.

For more information ask your dentist. He can tell you more about the brands you should use and the correct methods of brushing your teeth. Furthermore, regular dentist check-ups are recommended if you want to have a healthy denture and a good oral hygiene.

One more thing. If you don’t remember when the last time you changed your toothbrush is, it probably means it’s time to buy a new one.