Visit a Dentist in Arlington If You Feel Persistent Intense Oral Pain

Posted By: Varun Sharma

If you feel a persistent oral pain that has no apparent cause, you may have a disease called burning mouth syndrome (BMS). For years, dentists and dental researchers have been having a hard time pinpointing the cause of BMS, resulting in the difficulty in diagnosing a patient that has one. A article explains that BMS symptoms generally appear normal, despite being linked to several periodontal conditions:

Oral pain expert Andres Pinto, who recently joined Case Western Reserve University’s School of Dental Medicine faculty, said what frustrates patients and doctors alike is that the mouth and gums appear normal with BMS, so the diagnosis is difficult. Patients often find themselves having to visit several doctors before finally arriving at BMS as the cause, Pinto said.


Pinto … said the condition has baffled dental researchers since the 1970s when burning oral sensations were linked to mucosal, periodontal and restorative disorders, and mental or emotional causes.


However, the suspected origin is deterioration of the nerves beneath the oral lining, and since the deterioration isn’t visible, it explains why the mouth appears normal when examined, consequently delaying diagnosis… Still unproven is the role hormones may play, given the link to menopause, Pinto said.

While not as well-known as other oral diseases, BMS affects a significant number of Americans every year. Of more than a million Americans affected by BMS, women are up to seven times more likely to get the condition. BMS is also prevalent among women between 3 years before and 12 years after menopause.
A professional dentist in Arlington may find it difficult to diagnose a case of BMS. However, this doesn’t mean that patients have to endure the blinding pain. Clinical trials show that drugs like clonazepam and gabapentin are effective in mitigating the effects of BMS in low dosages. To deal with BMS quickly, experts advise a change in habit for two weeks to determine any noticeable change. For instance, refrain from drinking acidic beverages such as coffee and fruit juices for two weeks or try a different brand of toothpaste.
Visit a trusted Arlington, WA dentist immediately to determine accurately whether you have BMS and address it immediately. Not only will you find relief for your piercing pain, you will contribute to helping dentists study the condition more thoroughly, as well.
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(Article Excerpt and Image from Burning mouth syndrome feels like a scalded mouth, United Press International, Published October 30, 2013)